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Free horror background music samples

2011 - 05.21

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 Violin track 01
Violin track 02
Violin track 03
Violin track 04
Violin track 05
Violin track 06
Violin track 07
Violin track 08
Violin track 09
Violin track 10
Violin track 11

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This small, horror sound collection can be used as free background music for video, to create and reinforce the desired impact to the viewer.

By creating these sounds, I have used string instruments only. These simple sound samples can be seamlessly fit into any sound picture without using of frequency correction. In addition, each audio sample can be customized and developed. The most likely area of application of these free audio samples is background music for video horror or thriller type, for creating several types of moods such as anxiety, worry, fear, fearfulness, confusion, fantastic, bizarre, bated breath.

All music samples are in MP3 format for preview and in WAV format for free download.

You can cut, change, mix these samples and use them for any purposes (including commercial) in according to Creative Common License. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a work at www.dievantile.com

Creative Commons License

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