Ambient background music

Free and royalty free ambient background music for personal and production purposes. Listen and download in WAV and MP3 formats.

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DESCRIPTIONS OF TRACKS  (brief descriptions are also available in Spanish):

Flying in the void – smooth, flowing and gentle middle tempo ambient song (looped). Instruments: synthetic pads, percussion, SFX. Mood: dreamy, happy, light, positive.

Moon whirling. Lightweight and extremely soft bass line blends with synthetic choir and unhurried notes of Rhodes piano. Track generates a relaxing and meditative mood with a small touch of solemnity.

Episode 1. “Transformation” is the word that best captures the essence of this track. Unrealistic synthesized sounds smoothly transform into one another. Light strikes of the percussion create a sustainable basis for this action. Mysterious and mystical sounds make the track optimal for the scoring of paranormal or sci-fi movies.

Way of the light – smooth and soothing composition, fully orchestrated. Instruments used: piano, flute, strings, oboe, and cello. Music creates a dreamy and romantic mood.

Decompressed. Probably the universe, formed after the Big Bang, sounded just so. The substance compressed to a monstrous pressure finally broke free and now is in a state of peace and idyll. The positive chord progression and smooth melody tune the listener on a dreamy and contemplative mood.

The element of happiness has a colorful and nostalgic melody, smoothly flowing behind the rhythm that similar to the beating of the human heart. Because only synthetic instruments used when creating a track, music has a small hint of tension, which is smoothed thanks to the chord progression. The track gives the impression of light longing for something lost forever.

Behind existence – positive and dreamy background track, despite the abstract structure has sufficiently clear chord progression. The melodic line was realized by using synthetic choirs, which harmoniously interwoven with spatially separated effects.

Source of radiation is a background ambient music track, that was created by using synthesizers and special sound effects. The clear structure here is completely absent. Sounds smoothly flow one after another, forming the atmosphere of an alien reality and space.

Violet whisper it is one of the most bizarre and unusual tracks included in this collection. Imagine that a transformer power substation suddenly came to life and began to sing. The combination of sounds creates a feeling of unreality, immersing the listener into the fictional world of delusional fantasies.

Caffeine. The rhythmic basis of the track is similar to the perception of sea waves, slowly rolling on the sandy beach. Chord structure was selected to encourage the listener to self-contemplation and meditation. The track is perfect as a background for exploring the inner microcosm, yoga, and transcendental meditation.

Eternity of doubt. Wind, Fire, and Water are combined harmoniously in this slow tempo ambient background track. Calm piano melody creates a dreamy mood, setting up the listener on a philosophical mood. Synthetic effects and smooth pads add some shade fantastic to the composition.