Di Evantile Transformations

Rreview by Abbey K. Davis – Sr. MuzikReviews.com

Di Evantile has done a brave thing with Transformations – an instrumental album broken down into “episodes”, all of which is done with electronic instruments or classical instruments that have been put through some sort of electronic treatment, and not a spoken word through nine tracks.
I call it brave because it’s easy to take music made in this manner the wrong way. I probably have at least twenty Facebook friends who have decided they’re “DJ’s” and constantly post remixed music tracks and beg their friends to “like” them. This is not what Di Evantile is doing, and there’s nothing pretentious or fake about the music he’s made.
Evantile calls himself an electronic composer, and that’s probably the best way to describe him. He’s arranged an album that creates its own sound rather than subscribing to a genre. I’m sure you could take Transformations to a club and people would dance to it, and I’m sure someone could sing over it, too, but the point here seems to be the mood it leaves you in. Evantile’s biography says he is trying to show us the future, and while that might seem a little absurd, he’s doing a much better job than the Black Eyed Peas.
It’s hard to describe the tracks because I feel certain that without titles, they instill different thoughts in everyone. I felt like each was built in a way that made me feel something different – whether about the future or not. Evantile talks a lot in the album description about meditation, peace, and harmony, none of which manages to come off silly or trendy. I felt pretty harmonious while listening to Transformations, and I feel like that was the goal.

Evantile also says that it’s hard to find words to describe his music, as only the music can describe itself. I agree – Transformations was masterfully built in a way that depends on your imagination for you to get the full effect.

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