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How to make music affect the mood?

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If the brain is cut in half, each part of the brain continues to live as if two different people. The two hemispheres of the brain control different functions of mental activity.

French physician Broca found that the speech center is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. At the same time, the right side of the brain responsible for image and pattern recognition. Without the right hemisphere, a person can not recognize people by voice, characteristics and perform the movement in space. Read More

Why music affects people differently?

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Why every style of music affects people selectively?  Why music that goes beyond our favorite styles does not generate emotion in our brain? Can people understand alien music and get an aesthetic pleasure with it?

Very often you can hear as the fans of classical music reject modern musical styles, considering them as primitive. On the other hand, for fans of popular music, symphonic music often represented as a lot of sounds that do not cause any emotions. Why does this happening? Read More

How different sounds do affects us?

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It’s much more than appears at first glance. People get through the ears a huge amount of information. It can provide both positive and negative effects on humans. People with hearing problems tend to be hostile, sluggish, depressed, temper, distrust, and even psycho-motor delay. On the other hand, a person may use sound to their advantage. It is very important to learn how to organize the sound space around you. This will help not only to control emotions but also control the flow of mental energy and physical state. This short video has very impressive examples. Read More