Music for Halloween. Spotify playlist.

Music for Halloween party, movie, show, and zombie parade. Spotify playlist for online streaming. Scary musical themes, instrumental compositions that create the feel of horror, excitement, and anxiety.

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Halloween decor ideas

The main themes of Halloween are almost always the same – occult, horror, death, mystical characters. Therefore, the main palette of the show is black and orange shades with rare splashes of white, green, and red.

  1. Simple and classic “Jack-lantern” made of pumpkin. If you are too lazy to bother with pulling out the pulp, you can simply draw a face on the peel of the vegetable, and place a candle on the top of its head.
  2. Head in a glass jar. You need to find a suitable creepy photo of a human head, print it, bend the photo over a roll, and place it in a jar of water. Due to the water, the image will look three-dimensional and more realistic.
  3. Spider cocoons can be hung from a chandelier or ceiling. They are made from dense white threads that need to be soaked in glue and wrapped around a balloon. When the glue is completely dry, the balloon is pierced and removed. Spiders can be made from cardboard or bought ready-made.
  4. Bloody prints. It’s very simple to make them: dip your palms in red paint and touch your hands to the glass of a window or door.
  5. Mice on the steps. If the house has a staircase, black mice and mink-shaped stickers on the steps will look great.
  6. Ghosts in the windows. Attach the paper ghosts peeking from the street to the glass. You can also paint ghosts on glass with white paint.
  7. Spooky flowers. White roses, surrounded by small spiders, snakes, and midges, look unpleasant. Black or dark purple roses with large pupils instead of a core look no less terrifying. Eyes can be taken from old dolls, or bought at a gag store.
  8. Garlands of bats. There is no need to catch and dry real bats. Figures cut out of colored cardboard are quite suitable. Also black goes well with a garland of white paper ghosts.
  9. Bloody candles. Paint the leaked wax with red paint and you get candles that melt with blood.
  10. Ominous web. To do this, you need balls of white, thin, woolen threads. Thin gauze will also work. Artificial spider webs can wrap any part of the room, wrap it around a chandelier, chairs, or part of a window.

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