The story “Starosvetskie landlords” by Russian writer Nicolai Gogol, have lines indicating his understanding of the harmony of noise at that time:
“But the most remarkable in the house – were singing doors. As soon as morning would begin, the door singing distributed throughout the home.

I can not say why they would sing: whether corroded hinges were the cause of it, or the mechanic just handled doors concealed a secret inside them, but the remarkable fact is, that each door had its unique voice: a leading door into the bedroom sang the thinnest descant; the door of dining room wheeze with deep-voices, but the one which was in the hay, issued some strange and raspy moaning sound, so when one would listen attentively he could hear very clearly: father, I’m in freezing! “

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Di Evantile – Infrared Clock (2008)

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Di Evantile – Inertia

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DI EVANTILE: Inertia (CD on City Sound Productions)

DI EVANTILE: Inertia (CD on City Sound Productions) This release from 2007 offers 42 minutes of electronic pop music. Versatile electronics provide a luscious foundation for peppy embellishment and nimble rhythms. Central melodies cavort with frisky exuberance, and peripheral accents chitter with the same exhilaration, generating a solid dose of cheery tuneage. Shrill tones establish … Read more

DI EVANTILE Rhetorical Digression

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“Rhetorical Digression” A Cinematic Electronic Adventure!

BUY album at iTunes, CDbaby. Preview by Dub_Ninja from SubsonicTemple “Rhetorical Digression”presents listeners with a truly other-worldly experience. Just bordering on the truly abstract with minimal yet rich soundscapes, not conforming to any commercial standard, Di Evantile starts the musical journey with a few tracks that touch on the fringes between the dream-state and the … Read more