5.1 Surround

This series of free 5.1 surround ambient mysterious and horror tracks, was created for production purposes. Music in 5.1 formats allows you to raise up the perception of sound in the home theater to the next level. Video scored with music in 5.1 surround sound looks professional.

At present, all commercial films on DVD and Blu-ray, using the format of 5.1 surround sound. Each of the tracks creates a state of fear and stupefaction in varying degrees. Available in formats: 5.1 WMA and WAV (six individual mono WAV files for 6-channel:  Front Right, Front Left, Rear right, Rear Left, Center, and  LFE (Subwoofer). All five channels transmit the full frequency spectrum of sound signals perceived by the human ear – from the lowest (20 Hz) to the highest (20 kHz). In addition, an independent low-frequency channel much better reproduces the sounds of explosions and impacts.

 See instruction: How to make 5.1 surround sound for video

preview     In readiness 2.48
preview     Inevitability 2.24
preview     Ensnare 2.22
preview     Adrenaline switch 4.58
preview     No fate 2.30
preview     Creeping death 2.34
preview     Nightmare 2.20
preview     Darkness surrounds 2.24
preview download     Mirror of chaos 2.57
preview     Death beckons 2.24
preview     Darkness awakening 3.12.

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Piano peaceful series

Calm and slow tempo piano background music, for video scoring. Slow, quiet, and peaceful.

Doomed to immortality 5.10
Waves and wind 1.59
download for production purposes Moon Echo 3.13
Dying world 2.03
Time changing 2.29
download for production purposes City lights 4.22
download for production purposes Purple dawn 4.12
Spring rain 2.47
Memoirs 1.58
Life wins 4.18

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Waves and wind. Slowly rolling piano rhythm creates a sense of quiet and calm sea waves. Lingering notes of the violins further reinforce this impression. Few phrases made by flute add a little liveliness to the soothing picture, like a bright blossoming flower.

Doomed to immortality. This is a slow piano track with a tragic and bright melody and violins in the second part. Ideal for drama or documentary. This background music track has a wide dynamic range.

Moon echo

A sad piano melody is equally well suited to modern melodrama or tragedy. The main instruments are piano and violin.

Dying World. This slow background track is permeated with the spirit of regret and remorse. The track begins very quietly, gradually crescendo to the end. The tragic notes of the piano in the final part create an impression of the tension and inevitability of tragedy. This track is good for tragedy film scoring.

Time changing. Serenity piano chords in the first part of the track gradually turn into a nostalgic recollection about bygone times, which is created by a violin in the background. Bright notes of the piano unsuccessfully try to resist this, but there is no power over time.

City lights

Typically urban sound of lounge style. The mood of the track is similar to the “One-Click Blues” of “Rhetorical digression.” This track may be good for the series of urban movies like “White Collar” or commercials for cars, computers, or cell phones. Recurring shouts of saxophone and trombone, creating periodic bursts of energy and do not allow to completely relax.

Purple dawn

The most meditative track of the entire collection. The majestic and mysterious sounds of violins allow using of this track as an accompaniment to the saga about vampires or valiant knights of the Middle Ages. Also, the track may be appropriate as background music for documentaries about religious events.

Spring rain. The most cheerful track of the entire collection. The bright and sonorous piano music creates a positive mood and inspiration. Fit for melodrama film scoring.

Memoirs. Leisurely slow tempo piano notes make the thought carry away, reminiscing about past events. The brain is sinking deeper into the memories and images in the mind become brighter.

Life wins. Strict piano chords are threaded by the murmur of the water. The world around us is filled with light, heat, and energy.

Sad and melodic

Sad background music collection in the spirit of the Middle Ages. Free tracks are available in WAV and MP3 format for production purposes and personal use.

download Forgotten dream (Free)
download One hour before (Free)
download Gaia 3.14
download The spirit of mine 3.03
download Still here (Free) 3.30
download Revival 3.05
download Glazed universe (Free) 4.13
download Charming life (Free) 3.22

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One hour before. The most interesting track of the collection. Slow sad and tragic song with a soothing melody of piano and violins in the background. Contains some of uplifting moments, but is generally relaxed, and wistful.

Forgotten dream. A somber solo piano featuring a repeated melodic tone with following long and lingering notes of cellos. Ends with a gradual fading of emotion. Calming, dark, and mournful.

Gaia. This sad and tragic background music track could be used as an accompaniment to an art-house film or a slow dance. A grooving piano featuring cello, violins, and low staccato strings in the middle part. A somber orchestral sting creates a gentle rising motion and wistful mood.

The spirit of mine. A slow and sad thing with a beautiful and developed melody played in the middle and higher registers. The track is most saturated with the tonal variations of the main melody. It leaves a little motivating and reassuring mood in the middle, relaxing and soothing to the end.

Still here. This is a typical “cinematic mix” that is mournful and a little sharper than other compositions. The track is dramatic and very dynamic; slow in the beginning and towards the end the song is tender and soft, but it is punctuated by powerful changes with hard and aggressive distorted guitar. This song could work well to depict despair, and the blast of emotions.

Revival. Calming, sad, and nostalgic. This background track can set you way back in time almost from the first seconds. Several more intensive and slower sections are available during this song. The track starts calming, continues a little bit encouraging, and ends quiet and slow.

Glazed Universe. This track is a little closer to a traditional pop ballad, but in general, produced in a cinematic style. Troubling and intensive, the cellos and violins pull from the low registers, creating a full and saturated heavy sound. Meandering between piano pulse and arduous pulls of distorted guitar, the music has a strong dramatic minor key with sparks of emotion in the middle part.

Charmin life. Elegant, light, and rising track, has the simple touching and light melody of the piano, with a feeling of pensive restraint. It is a beautiful background track to the close of a drama, documentary, or romantic film.

Mystical slow tempo

Mystical and mysterious slow-tempo tracks for production purposes and personal use. Available in MP3 and WAV formats.


download Episode 3 2.10
download Episode 1 4.05
download Impulse of silence 4.29
download Episode 4 3.33
download Sourse of radiation 3.48
download Candle tornado 3.37
download Hidden element 6.25
download The wind become stronger 6.04
download Episode 8 3.12
_______ _______

EPISODE 3. Very slow mysterious and mystical track. Vague infraphysical phantoms gradually formed in space. The cold and shapeless darkness approaching, becoming slightly more distinguishable, and soul covers anxious anticipation. Consciousness is trying to step back in order to escape from the shackles of the impending darkness. Gloomy majesty of the chaos underlines the futility and uselessness of these attempts.

EPISODE 1. This track has fantastic and positive mood. Whispers and the mysterious breath of the universe pervades with bright and radiant harmony, flowing smoothly from one to another layer. Soft and lingering sounds occasionally riddled with smooth and sparkling variations of fresh air, creating a sense of light vibrations and sensation of gentle tingling of electrical current. Rhythmically, the first part is absolutely opposed to the smooth and shapeless second one. This cinematic track is very saturated by stereo effects.

IMPULSE OF SILENCE. Soft and hypnotizing track slowly flowing like a stream of water gently rounding obstacles. African drums and dramatic voices in the background create a sense of shamanic ritual and at the same time a certain desperation. The reality is mixed with visions emerging from the other world, the smooth melody tries to carry consciousness into an unknown area.

EPISODE 4. A new dimension is just one step away from us. The border is so illusive, that sometimes does not require much effort to cross it. A few seconds of concentration of mind and you went into a trance trying to achieve harmony with the universe, and your spirit is not hinder the shackles of the physical body. Past gently floats in front of your eyes and you see it as if from outside, watching the leisurely flow of time. This musical track is ideal for cinematic meditation and immersion in himself.

SOURCE OF RADIATION. The atmosphere of acid fumes rising from a lake filled with chemical waste causes distortion of consciousness. Grinding, noises and the sound of splitting inflame the brain and cause a surge of boat attacks of pain and distortion of reality perception. Nightmares mysteriously interwoven with wonderful imaginations forming a bizarre picture. The pain gradually recedes to the extent that the brain is increasingly encompasses drug intoxication caused by hard radiation.

CANDLE TORNADO. Abstract and at the same time mystical melody of electronic harpsichord. Bright and a bit dramatic, it reflects the throwing of the human soul among the stone arches of Darkness in an enclosed space, and a vain desire to escape.

HIDDEN ELEMENT. The red sunset in the desert and the rising wind in anticipation of the storm. Broken African rhythm is a little invigorated, breaking through the dark and meditative background. Ringing in the ears and mirages before eyes. It is more and more difficult to control consciousness.

THE WIND BECOMES STRONGER. Sparkling and penetrating wind of uncharted expanses of Siberia, seeks to turn a man into a block of ice, resisting attempts by outsiders to break the sacred harmony of majestic spaces, and open the inviolable secrecy.

EPISODE 8. The world is empty now. A traveler walks along the deserted road, which is all covered with cracked and overgrown with grass. He vainly tries to find at least some living creature. Senselessness of attempts and inevitability of loneliness gradually leads to the fact that he has ceased to notice everything around himself.

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Electronic music tracks

Tags: background music for video

Electronicl music tracks collection for personal use and production purposes. Available at MP3 and WAV format.

preview Binary Machine  2.15
preview     Digital fusion   5.08
preview     Glasy craker   5.12
preview     Raisin salad   4.15
preview     Violet whisper   4.57
preview     Adrenalin switch   4.58

BINARY MACHINE  has tempo 120 BPM, simple but catchy melody and  structure of loop ( full track and parts). During writing process synthesized musical instruments were used only . Mood: Motivated, Optimistic,  Joyful.

DIGITAL FUSION This unnatural music tracks has combination of natural and synthetic sounds. Heavy and tough drums, soaked through and through the synthetic fuel oil, difficulty move through the digital mire, which rises from the bottom blowing air bubbles. Alarming cries of still living organics those are prisoners of the limited space proclaim that they have nowhere to go. They are gradually absorbed by the veil of inevitably going digits and glass.

GLASSY CRACKER A digital creature, lounging in energy chairs, crunching eat glassy crackers, and reluctantly raise their heads looking at is not a demonstration parade disc-head synthetic lizard on TV. It’s so mesmerizing them that they stop to eat glass cookies.

RAISIN SALAD Salad of electronic sounds saturated by variety of timbres rotates on a giant plate of universe. Small bubbles of emptiness, which periodically burst float like a raisin here. In general, this unnatural music track creates a neutral and abstract electronic mood like lounge music.

VIOLET WHISPER. That’s how it feels when the capacitor is charging. Purple whisper of magnetic field penetrates and causes tremors. Capacity filled with more and more fully, and decaying voltage is replaced by tranquility. Now the unit has a chance to dream a little. Floated pictures follow each other gradually immersed the capacitor into a dream.

ADRENALINE SWITCH Translucent spheroid, jumping rope for performing at the same time complex pas on its shimmering thin tubular legs, with pleasure listens to the diversity of the ether, and is anxiously awaiting the moment when the parents will call him home for breakfast, and a sense of idyllic will disappear.

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Insight (video)

This video is a combination of the recently completed track “Insight” and a series of photos that were captured at different times. Contemplation of nature is always a matter of feelings conciliate and inspired the creation of slow and relaxing compositions.

The mysterious and meditative slow background music


This is and OLD post. Now all mysterious background music tracks available here.

Description of samples:

  1. Mysterious and meditative slow background music with bells. Can be used for creation of foreboding, thoughtful, meditative and dazed mood.
  2. Unstructured and at the same time, a rhythmic small track in the key of A minor. It creates a musing, reflective and slightly melancholy mood.
  3. Revenant track with a slow rhythm and a muted tone. For production of fantastic and whimsical video.
  4. Ideal background for anominous atmosphere of Mars or documentary about paranormal phenomena. Used sound effect of boiling water.
  5. Positive and optimistic music with a rhythm like the murmur of stream. Suitable for a fresh and a little excited mood.