Romantic piano music Spotify Playlist

Romantic piano music Spotify Playlist for online streaming.

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Try listening to this romantic piano playlist — a handpicked selection of themed pieces. If you like it please subscribe, as I add new romantic compositions to the collection from time to time. Click here to view my other themed collections. For future listening, you can bookmark this page or install the free Spotify app. Sharing a link to this playlist with friends and colleagues is appreciated.

This collection contains romantic piano music compositions in the classical. The material gathered from different albums namely: “Phantasy Over a Cup of Coffee”, “Mosaic”, “Ritual”, and “Horizon”. The playlist also contains the music of other composers.

Song list:

  1. Smiling like a child. Joy is the highest, most effective realization of beauty. This romantic and amorous piano track reflects this feeling to the fullest. Exciting melodic forms and a leisurely chord progression set you in a positive mood.
  2. I need to tell. This song is an attempt to capture and recreate a magical sense of sadness, an eminently poetic, almost intimate substance. Hopefully, it will be understood correctly by the majority of listeners, although those who come across it for the first time find its passionate chords overly simplistic. 
  3. Dancing Breeze. Idyllic musical forms are sometimes sensual, sometimes contemplatively refined. The picturesque melody sounds optimistic, and joyful as an affirmation of the unchanging ideals of goodness and beauty. 
  4. Feeling so Empty. Calm and expressive melodic phrases have a pronounced shade of sadness. At the same time, they are lovely and charming enough. They reflect not the sharp conflict of the colliding principles, but the flourishing, the gradual transformation of the vague into the brilliant.
  5. Sun After Rain. Joy should bloom like a flower, rise like the sun. These feelings are especially important after difficult periods, sadness, and depression. This track is a beautiful fairy tale, dreaminess, and refinement of which leads the listener to a state of happiness and euphoria.
  6. The Island of Placidity. This delightful track cannot boast of a riot of colors and timbres. The lack of dynamics is made up for by the effortless smoothness and naturalness of sound contrasts. As a result, a sophisticated and pastoral musical picture looks idealistic. Like an island of blissful silence in a secret place, free from storms and hurricanes.
  7. Charming Life. The elegant flowing movements of the violins and the lazy delays of the piano melody can be described as unlikely perfect. Several impulses, sometimes emphatically sequential, perhaps lack determination and energy, they are too short and fragmentary. At the same time, the musical palette here varies coloristically and dynamically.
  8. Loneliness. In this simple wonderful melody, there is a sensual brightness of images of sadness, combined with a sophisticated joyful perception of life. The chords are like the following one after other utopian landscapes, among which hover desires and dreams.
  9. Make Me Believe. The piano solo immediately introduces us to the distant world of bright pastoral antiquity, sunny, and beatific. As if a beautiful vision had melted into a light midday haze.
  10. September. As always, pictorial associations inspired by the sea and the sound of waves played an important role in the birth of this music. When listening, there is a feeling of freedom, lighthearted, and the beginning of a new stage of life. The melodic line unfolds unhurriedly, without contrasts. The waves accelerate their run, the sea shimmers with all colors in the rays of the rising sun.
  11. Nostalgia. I would describe this composition as blissful and somewhat euphoric. It is devoid of contrasts; bright, serenely joyful moods also reign in it. The painting is turned inward, not outside, and promotes self-contemplation and immersion in sweet memories. The freshness of perceptions and experiences is still alive, but already covered with a haze of time.
  12. If Only. This elegant and exciting composition is painted in delicate, transparent colors. Brief teasing motives are characterized by lightness and fluidity of strokes. Genuine gaiety enlivens the first and last movements. The melody here is not material, it consists entirely of colors and rhythmic durations.

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