You are still beautiful to me – short romantic film

There are a lot of completely different movies. Each of them has its own good points. But in the first line of the rating, I think, should be a life-affirming movie, the ones that say “Live, live, because you have not seen anything so beautiful.” Perhaps such stories have a lot of conditional and simplified but do not forget that the movie – is an art.

The first thing that struck me while watching the short romantic film “You are still beautiful to me” is that half of the movie you’re laughing uncontrollably, and during the second half of the film just crying uncontrollably. The director has mixed genres (as far as I can understand it) comedy and drama, and, despite the complexity of this task, the film turned out to be extremely harmonious and natural. The emotions that I experienced while watching this movie is simply impossible to describe …

The awesome case where a fun comedy in harmony with the terrible tragedy. In fact, the first part of the film does not herald a tragic finale. All the easy, fun. But then … The worst thing is that, in reality, such cases occur very often. It is quite possible that this story could exist in the form in which it is shown.

“You are still beautiful to me” unusually cheerful picture, and at the same time very sad. What we see in the second part of it, really heartbreaking, but even in those moments, you want to smile because of the tireless efforts of the main character, to support a loved one.

So hot topic nowadays, I just admire this film. The film picked up the background music from a variety of authors, in particular, the sad background music from my album “Ritual”. In any case, it is recommended for viewing.

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