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Tags: Mystery background music.

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Violet whisper is truly strange background music, which arose in the course of experiments with the sounds and settings of synthesizers. The track as nothing else demonstrates the property of the human brain to continuous activity and the desire to create truly strange things, analogs of which are difficult to meet in nature.

There is music in the world that contains much more meaning than it seems. And there are also musical compositions, the meaning of which is incomprehensible even to the author. Such things, as a rule, are created in one breath, under the influence of inspiration. All material bodies are subject to the laws of vibration and resonance, and these vibrations and resonances can be harmonic and destructive.

Each individual element of this 6-minute composition is an integral part of the unique picture that arises in the depths of the computer brain and flows smoothly into the listener’s consciousness. I like to use sound samples processed by frequency filters and amplitude-modulated. This allows you to create a truly strange magic background music.

Regarding to use: this electronic music track is suitable for use as a background for mystical videos, demonstrations of technical novelties or feature films with a mysterious or magical storyline. This will help to increase the feeling of confusion, surprise, admiration or immerse the viewer into a state of reverie.