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Tag:  slow piano background music

Water and sand is a piece of soft background music for video, created with the use of musical instruments and sounds of nature. The slow tempo and leisurely pulsating rhythm of the composition allow you to disconnect from mental experiences and direct the listener’s attention to the inner world. A person is immersed in a conscious dream, leaving a muscle and psychological tension beyond reality.

The soft introductory chord of the electronic piano opens the window to a world of happiness, peace, and tranquility. Musical instruments, the sounds of the wind, and waves rolling to the shore smoothly flow into each other, creating very soft and natural background music. The light vibration of the timbre may cause a subconscious refrain in the most delicate and deep emotional areas of the listener.

You can use this soft background music for videos of various types, such as fiction and documentaries, yoga, sports, TV shows, or advertising spa salons. Related compositions: Eternity of doubt, NirvanaMoon whirlingBehind existence.