Album “Mosaic”

Genre of album: classical, piano music. Also available at Apple iTunes, and other music sites.

Album “Mosaic” does not contain any stylistic and genre experimentation or innovations. Six piano compositions  made in a traditional manner, with emphasis on melody. Track list: “Broken heart”, “Sun after rain”, “Shadows within us”, “Island of placidity”, “Still here” (piano solo) and “Nostalgia”. The title track “Broken heart” performed in sad and even tragic tones. Despite some romantic component, “Broken Heart” – it’s still a twilight zone, and dark colors are dominated here. This is the structure of our world – when cherished dreams come true, you should be ready to pay for that.

The ‘Sun after the rain” with its positive mood contrasts sharply with the previous track, creating a cheerful, bright and lighthearted mood. Positive emotional today are becoming increasingly rare, and under the pressure of daily life more and more people sink into depression periodically. Perhaps listening to this track, someone will get a piece of joy and receive positive energy.

“Shadows whitin us.” Everyone has a dark side of his soul, familiarity with which can be really creepy. Empathy and compassion often coexist with anger and hate, and not always in equal proportions. Such features of human nature most people try to hide in the depths of memory, and only uncontrollable subconscious can made them to appear. Mysterious and somber mood arising during the study of the depths of the human soul – that’s what I wanted to reflect, creating a “Shadow within us.”

The track “Still Here” was published earlier in the album “Ritual“. Perhaps new piano version it is not so emotional, but the basic melody is expressed more clearly.

Tracks “Nostalgia” and “Island of tranquility” are similar in mood. What is a paradise for a person? Frozen idyll that can last forever or a short but intense period of time filled with vivid experiences. To the best of one’s ability we change the environment, creating a comfortable atmosphere for yourself. But life constantly brings about changes, destroying the best-laid plans. Is it possible to achieve the ideal in this world, or it can exist only in the imagination?