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Free and royalty-free smooth background music for production purposes, video scoring and PowerPoint presentation. Listen and download in WAV and MP3 formats.

preview and download Flying in the void (Free)
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preview and download Episode 1 (Free)
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preview and download Candle tornado (Free)
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preview and download Episode 3
preview and download Adrenaline switch (Free)
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Flying in the void is a middle tempo ambient track, with smooth and flowing synthetic pads and gentle sounds of percussion. Mood: dreamy, relaxing, positive, meditative.

Behind existence – soft and smooth ambient track, devoid of any rhythmic basis. Nevertheless, this background has a pretty strict chord structure and melody selection. The main tools are used: synthetic choir, natural and synthetic solo and effects.

Caffeine. The viscous flow of introductory chords and pads dividing the consciousness, calling the spirit to be separated from the body and to soar upward. Lofty motives of the synthetic choir further reinforce this desire. In general, the track creates a positive impression and can be used for yoga and meditation.

Space navigator – breaking rhythm lines in D&B style laced with plangent pads having a distinct frequency and phase modulation. Few basic tunes periodically replace each other, but even so, the track keeps hypnotic components.

One-click blues – it’s a slow background lounge track, ideal for the formation of the mood of introspection, philosophical reflection, and deep thought. Simple piano chords and unhurried rhythm calming and quenched with excess energy.

The “Element of happiness” has deaf drums, like the beating of the heart, in stark contrast with the background sounds and melodies rich with high frequencies. Song generates little anxiety and somewhere nostalgic memories of bygone something irretrievably.

Violet whisper – one of the most surreal and abstract track of collection that could be described as “singing revived transformer”. Sounds have nothing to do with the real world. This is an attempt to imagine how could sing electrical appliances if they had the chance.

Decompressed – slow tempo track-idyll, meditative, abstract and very soothing. Imagine that you are a “gas substance”, which has been in the cylinder under high pressure for a long time, and then suddenly broke out into open space.

Moon whirling – Calm and slightly solemn background music track, reflecting the grandeur and the unknowability of the cosmos, and the infinity of the universe. Essential instruments – Rhodes piano and synthetic choir.

Episode 1” is the main track of the album “Transformation” and he did, perhaps best captures the essence of the album’s title. The first part of the composition is based on accurate percussion sounds and steady rhythm, while the second half is absolutely abstract, smooth and shapeless. Track perfect as a background for a sci-fi video, meditation, and relaxation.

A wine ballad” – neat and soft piano music, combined with the flowing flute form a smooth melody that is complemented by moderate percussion sounds in the middle part. The track creates a positive, little mystical and mellow mood. Suitable for a wide range of video materials.

The “Eternity of doubt” – Soft and malleable abstract background track as if combines various elements of nature – wind, water, and fire. What is man’s place in the universe, and how long will his way into the scale of the universe?

Digital fusion” – another experiment in digital consciousness, artificial emotions and reflection of the world, which lives in parallel with our own life. In this abstract track widely used digital delay, frequency and phase modulation and other effects processing. Moods: unusual, unreal, a little pessimistic and depressing.

Candle tornado” – a sharp and bright sound of the harpsichord in combination with a synthetic choir and rich bass make this abstract background music track a little mystical and intriguing. The song is perfect for setting the mood waiting for further developments.

Mind” – Despite the rather ominous intro, and dark sounds of drums, the track has a melody with a neutral mood. As a result, the total impression of the track can be called abstract-dreamy. The song is full of synthetic sounds and panoramic effects, so you can get the best impression when listening to stereo headphones.

Episode 3” (Transformation). oppressive, sinister and mysterious background track created exclusively of synthetic sounds. Episode 3 completely immerses the listener into a dark underworld, where there is no place for light and life. Droning bass tones pervaded by jingle sounds adding unreality and increasing the already oppressive mood.

Episode 4” (Transformation). The slow rhythm of soft percussion hypnotizes consciousness, encouraging to close eyes and fall into the darkness of nothingness. Desert world, remaining after the once flourishing civilization is slowly dying. And only spirits who wander among the ruins, whisper phrases from long-forgotten prayers.

Episode 8” (Transformation). Broken rhythms and lingering sounds of the synthetic choir are the background for a simple melody – a bit nostalgic, a little sad, and even mystical. Syncopated bass line, panoramic effects and long delays guitar phrases adding more space volume to the music track.

Glassy cracker“. Entry track literally oversaturated fantastic and unreal sounds, which do not allow the listener’s consciousness to cling to anything specific. But beginning the bass and keyboards, create quite a positive tone. In the future, bouncing rhythm, somewhat smoothed by the synthetic choir in the background.

Insight. The slow and majestic introduction of synthetic violins gradually transformed into a soft and dreamy melody of the keyboard. This background music track has an abstract structure and creates a mixed mood: a little nostalgic, meditative, a little wistfully, but generally positive.

Raisin salad – to some extent, this is really a salad of atmospheric wind sounds and their synthesized analogs simulating rain, drops or ringing crystals. The abstract melodic line is practically nonexistent; the sounds seem to have their own lives and do not try to communicate with each other.

Hidden Element. Desert, sunset, wind, and African rhythms – that’s the first associations that come to mind from the very first minutes of listening to the track. Despite the rhythmic foundation, the background music track does not have a distinct melody. Broaching motives of pads and percussion gently intertwined to form a harmonious sound picture.

Source of radiation – unstructured abstract slow background music track, rich by electronic sound effects. Leisurely percussion sounds combined with multilayer synthetic pads, creating the impression of unreality.

Water and sand. The title of this abstract track is probably most accurately reflects its essence. An eternal and leisurely confrontation of land and water that can never be completed victory of one party. The track is ideal for meditation, relaxation, and introspection with closed eyes in an easy chair.

Adrenaline switch – contents rhythmically repetitive phrases, sounds of radio space, soft and rich percussion. The track is made at an average tempo and optimal for the scoring of scientific and technical videos.