SFX sound effects library

SFX sound effects library. Horror, mystery, and thriller styles for movies and games. Packs are available in MP3 and WAV formats for download.

Sounds of alien birds
Mystery SFX Pack 1
Giant beast waking up
Scary SFX Pack 1
Mystery SFX Pack 2
Thriller SFX Pack 1
Mystery SFX Pack 3
Horror SFX Pack 1
Mystery SFX Pack 4
Electromagnetic noise
Sci-Fi Texture
Scary Wind
Swoosh Sound Effects
Noice masking sound
Strange Sounds Vol 1

Packs Descriptions:

Sounds of alien birds. Unfortunately, I did not hear how alien birds actually scream ๐Ÿ™‚ Nevertheless, I have a rich imagination and powerful tools for synthesizing sounds. I suppose the result should be something like this.

Mystery SFX Pack 1. This package contains 9 sample samples created with the use of Yamaha RGX420DZ and Native Instruments GUITAR RIG. Sound effects are suitable for creating a mystical atmosphere in horror, mystery, or detective genre films or video games. To enhance the effect of many phrases, a wide spatial reverberation is used.

Giant beast waking up. The sample contains a series of strange and unusual short sounds remotely resembling the sounds of birds. Sound effects are created by synthesis and do not contain a natural basis.

Scary SFX Pack 1. Nine fragments of divided sections using processor processing of sounds taken from a natural source of string vibrations. Since the collection is intended to form a sense of fear and horror, the timbre and frequency characteristics of the effects are similar to the human voice. Optimal for mood enhancement of anxiety, worry, and confusion.

Mystery SFX Pack 2. Another mystical collection of ready-made audio materials for video editing, creating presentations, performances, speeches, videos, clips, animations, games, applications, and any other projects. This can help in creating musical screensavers and whole sound atmospheres that accurately characterize and show the necessary situation or action.

Thriller SFX Pack 1. On this page you can listen online and download musical effects, sounds the effect of surprise and surprise, sound of failure, intrigue, danger. In addition to the thriller and detective type of video, the sounds of this collection can be used for creating an unreal atmosphere, science fiction sounds, sci-fi, etc.

Mystery SFX Pack 3. This collection includes mystical sounds created mainly using the techniques of subtractive synthesis. Some samples contain piano sounds though. Short sound fragments sound unrealistic and their analogs are not found in the real world. Great as a background for horror, thrillers, and fiction.

Horror SFX Pack 1. During the creation of this collection, I used mainly artificial based on a rectangular sound wave. These sounds, with a rich tone, cover a wide frequency range and can be adjusted by an equalizer if necessary.

Mystery SFX Pack 2.ย This collection contains five small fragments, which can rather be called music than SFX. Nevertheless, they do not have a pronounced melody – these are rather textures designed to create a certain type of mood.

Electromagnetic noise. The pattern is similar to the sound you hear when trying to tune a radio to a specific radio station. SFX is performed using the method of subtractive synthesis and covers a wide frequency range.

Sci-Fi Texture. The duration of this piece of SFX music effect is half a minute. Textures are created using modern software synthesizers. They sound fantastic and original. If you are creating a popular science film or a fantastic animation – this will certainly suit your purposes.

A terrible wind. This SFX creates a grim premonition of trouble and anxiety. It can be successfully used as a background for horror films, adventures, and science fiction.

Swoosh Sound Effects. Swoosh Sound Effects created using the technique of subtractive synthesis can be used to sound technical action or events. There are no natural sounds in the selection, only artificially synthesized samples.

Noise masking sound โ€“ Experiment 1. If you do not want the brain to react to any sound as an irritant, repeat it at a certain frequency. After some time, the brain will get used to it and stop noticing it. This sample can help focus or fall asleep in a hectic environment.

Strange Sounds Vol 1. Scary and mystical sounds imitate the voices of extraterrestrial beings. Created with synthesizers and effects processors.