Epic background music

Epic background music for personal use and production purposes. Free and royalty-free musical compositions in different tempos and styles. Available formats for download: MP3, WAV.

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Descriptions of tracks:

Go through the time. Epic background music composition created using classical and modern musical instruments. The string tremolo here coexists with tough and aggressive drum loops.

Episode 5. Along with the rigid and gloomy rhythmic base in this epic track, there is a pronounced melodic line created with the use of violins. A small solo in the oriental style in the final part of the track looks contrastingly. The song creates a depressing and slightly solemn impression.

Episode 7. The combination of oriental motifs, percussion in the style of the jungle and a jerky bass line creates an original mix. A few solo elements roll over each other, creating a conversation effect. The music is very rhythmic and energetically saturated.

Destroyer. Hard distorted synthesized drums and synthesized bass are the basis of this track. Music produces a depressing and dark mood, with short glimpses of optimism.

Zombies on the way. Like background tracks from Hitchcock’s films, this musical composition begins with a threatening string tremolo. In the main part, rhythmic percussion sounds are added. As a solo, strings and wind instruments are used here.

What am I looking for? A medium-tempo composition 2 minutes long. The rhythmic basis is the string quartet and jerky percussion. The main melody is performed on the violin. Periodic bursts of piano decorate the texture.

Wanted to run. The smooth melody of the violin sounds against the backdrop of jerky percussion and a steady bass line. The composition is made in a cinematic style and is great for scoring thrillers and action-type films.

Trying To Be Strong. Dark and sullen instrumental track with a pronounced rhythm and a tragic mood. The core of the rhythm is formed by the staccato cello. The smooth melody of the violins in the background echoes the short phrases of the piano.

Z-antidote. Soft bass line cut through the penetrating jerky phrases of the main instrument. The synthesized lead has a resemblance to the sound of the human voice, which makes it tragic. In general, this epic track creates a sense of impending danger.

Episode 2. Softly rolling waves of low-frequency pad in the introduction are smoothly replaced by the sounds of percussion and synthesized bass. The main melody of the pad is slow as opposed to a clear rhythm. Epic plaintive flute enters the middle part and gives the track additional emotions.

Evolution. A fast and energetic track written for a small string orchestra. Style and manner of performance are similar to the works of composers First Viennese School.

Among Strangers. The most striking elements of this composition are the screaming musical phrases of violins and cello. The mood created by this track is typical for movies in the style of a thriller or action.

Eclipse. From the first seconds, the composition creates a gloomy and depressing mood. Synthesized pads, processed by the effect of amplitude modulation increase the oppressive impression. Perhaps the track is somewhat monotonous, but in some applications, this is a plus.

Amnesia. In the sounds of the bass of this track, there is something cosmic. Perhaps this feeling was due to the effect of reverberation. The rhythmic key line in the background adds a small amount of optimism, but not too much. In general, the track is rather gloomy and negative than neutral.

Freedom. Freedom is a symphonic instrumental track that creates a motivating and uplifting mood. The song is cyclical and scalable. The main musical instruments: piano, violins, and winds.

Distorted perception. I would take this musical composition to the genre Horror. Here the rhythmic component is very weakly expressed. The track sounds somewhat shapeless and abstract, creating a morose mood of threat and despair.

Fully armed. A very modern thing, full of panoramic sound effects. Meanwhile, the solo cello plays the main role along with violins tremolo. The song has a very stable rhythm.

Episode 8. The broken rhythm of the drums and bass pierces the smooth melody of synthesized pads similar to the desert wind. The track creates a feeling of melancholy and light anxiety.

Savage law. A very dark and intense track, the basis of which is a heavy drum rhythm and synthesized bass. Periodically appearing tremolo of strings increase tension.