Exclusive music packages

Exclusive music packages include several songs of different tempo, united by one theme and style. A single catchy theme allows you to give the film its own character.

Exclusive Action music pack Exclusive Animation music pack Exclusive Drama music pack Exclusive Horror music pack Exclusive Mystery music pack Exclusive Romance music pack Exclusive SCI-FI music pack Exclusive Thriller music pack


Will the music be original?
Yes, the music will be originally written specifically for your video project.

How many songs does the package contain?
The contents of the package are discussed individually for each video. It can be 2-3 tracks or more than 10 tracks.

May I indicate specific requirements for music?
Oh sure. You can specify different requirements such as the tempo of every track, use of the desired musical instruments for example …

How much does an exclusive package cost?
The cost depends on the duration of the musical material and the complexity of the orchestration. I individually approach pricing. Even if your budget is only $ 100, I will choose for you something optimal.

Can I use music on YouTube without claiming?
Yes, you can. Moreover, you can make a claim yourself to the channels that will use your music.

How long does it take to write music for an exclusive package?
It depends on how big a package you order and how busy I am in other projects at this time. This can take from several days to several months.

Where can I listen to your work?
You can listen to my work in the background music section. You can also listen to my albums on Spotify or AppleMusic.

How to order an exclusive music package?
Contact me by email to discuss the details.