Music for Instagram love stories

Music for Instagram love stories. Slow sad and nostalgic melodies. Piano, strings, and cello. Free download at MP3 and WAV.

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Instagram has updated its algorithm and introduced some new features. One such feature is to add music to the Instagram story photos and story videos. It not only enhances your video or photo features but also increases your fan following.

Music for Instagram posts is the key to creating engaging content. People already love Instagram stories. But, you can add spice to your Instagram videos or stories by adding some slow piano music.

That’s right. The slow piano melody is the best choice for Instagram videos about love. Such compositions have a delicate and soft rhythm and the fact, that it is slow, makes them the perfect music for Instagram love stories.

Relaxing piano in combination with violins is soothing and calming. It tends to bring back the memories. Contemporary classical music accurately depicts the love relationship. Soft piano increases the emotional component of the love stories.

The collection of music for Instagram love stories presented above contains compositions written at different times. Some of them are positive and joyful, some contain sad and nostalgic notes. A love relationship is delicate, strong, and weak, and has the essence of love, and care. Each fragment or post requires a specific type of melody, tempo, or intensity.

Browse my song catalog and find the songs that best suit your particular situation. Choose exactly what suits your mood to your story and increase the impact on your target audience.

How to write a good love Instagram story

Active Instagram users keep their accounts updated. They keep engaging with others by publishing posts, videos, and stories. These posts or upload every update about their life for maximum engagement of subscribers. Whether it be the pictures of them in Paris or stories about the fancy dinner that they just had a second ago.

However, some of the users find it difficult to create really engaging Instagram content like love stories, love videos or love pictures. Therefore, I think it would be useful to add a few words about scripting practice. Here are some bits of advice from scripting experts who say that you need to know about Instagram love stories.

  1. You must choose real-life characters to add to your love story. If the couple is deeply in love with each other in real life, it will be easier for you to describe their love through the soft tone of slow piano music.
  2. Point out the sacrifices, the compromises, the eternal love, and the chemistry between the characters. The follower must first fall in love with the characters, in order to imagine the connection between the couple.
  3. Keep the love and connection between the characters powerful. Do not point out the discrepancies between the couple. Keep it real but hide the downfalls of a love relationship.
  4. Keep the Instagram love posts or videos short, just as you are going to give the Instagram love story a short push. Do not go deep into the details. Create compelling content and highlight every important event in the love story, but do not add irrelevant plot twists or details.
  5. A good plot twist is just as useful as adding music for Instagram videos. Enhance your love story by creating a dilemma that separates the two souls. It will increase the suspense and curiosity of the reader.

Final words

Adding slow piano music for Instagram videos enhances the user experience. Sometimes, a piece of classical piano music is very helpful in depicting the climax of the love story. It becomes a perfect background effect during the death of any character. That is why all Instagram stories should have a touch of music.

Most of us are active Instagram users. And, if you are in a relationship or have a significant other, perhaps you will be introducing them to your Instagram family. Let your followers know about your love relationships through stories, videos, and pictures.