Romantic background music

Romantic background music collection. Piano and violins. Music for production purposes and personal use. Free download MP3 files.

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DESCRIPTIONS OF TRACKS (also available in Spanish):

“Make me believe”. This slow romantic background music track makes the listener feel relaxed and mildly sad. A Melodious piano solo is easy to perceive and pleasant.

“Dancing Breeze” is a piano track full of feelings of sentimentality and positivity. The melody is simple and easy to remember.

“Spring Song”. Easy and bright orchestral composition in medium tempo, created with the use of piano and violin quartet. The jerky and bright sound of violins in the middle part gives the track positive energy, making the music slightly exciting.

“Way of the light” – orchestrated ambient music track in a slow tempo, without a pronounced rhythm. Optimal for creating a dreamy, airy-fairy pacified, feeling of relaxation.

“Sun after rain”. The composition performed at a middle tempo sounds easy and airy, forming exclusively positive feelings. The live performance made it possible to maximize the potential of the original melody.

“Loneliness”. The simple chord structure of this song is supplemented by the artist’s nuances. As a result, the lyrical and emotional theme sounds harmonious and easily perceived. Suitable for both young audiences and older listeners.

“Smiling like a child”. The track describes the fate of two people in love with each other. Great relationships and pure love, but as always, they have already been prepared for a test. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, it is not so important.

“Island of tranquility”. This romantic background music track was created to make a sense of idyll and calm similar to staying on the seashore during sunset. Like a brigantine swaying on the waves in the twilight of the approaching starry night.

“Breath of the Wind“. The smooth and romantic piano track creates a dreamy mood and a feeling of expectation of a miracle. In addition to piano, strings are used in this background track.

“September” is a dreamy and positive background track, ideal for scoring romantic scenes and creating a mood of light nostalgic sadness. The track is recorded by live performance, in order to maximize the preservation of performing nuances. The music is peaceful and easy to listen to.

“Time changes”. A slow instrumental track in the cinematic style, created with the use of violins and piano. Sensual and lingering notes of violins are opposed to soft piano chords.

“Shining through the clouds”. The track creates a feeling of positivity and romance through major tones. The piano melody is soothing like the waves of the sea, while the violins sound a little brighter and add dynamics to the track.

“Charming life”. The distinctive features of this track are lightness and elegance. Music is certainly suitable as a background for scenes of travel, love and family life, serious feature films, and comedies.

“Nostalgia” is a leisurely and calm track with a simple melody performed on the piano. Music conveys feelings of nostalgia and mild sadness.

“Dreamland” is a classical music composition with a mix of modern synthesized sounds. The song is smooth, dreamy, and very positive. Optimal for romantic scenes of a video.

“I Drink A Sip Of The Sun”. This medium-slow piano composition is filled with a sense of romance and nostalgia. Optimal for creating a positive background.

“If only”. A bright and joyful composition written in a cinematic style. Excellent for the scoring of cartoons or romantic comedies.