Classical music for background

Classical music for background. Free instrumental tracks in different styles. Used instruments: piano, strings, and percussion. Available formats for download: MP3, WAV.

play2 download2 Game of shadows
Neutral composition is written in an average tempo with the use of pianoforte and flute and bass. Meditative and a little thoughtful.
play2 download2 New Birth
A tranquil and relaxing track with soft piano arpeggios and an exciting melody of the flute.
play2 download2 Broken Heart
A sad composition with a bright tragic melody, performed in the style of the piano solo.
play2 download2 When Hope Disappears
This track is really grim sad and tragic. The repeated sequencing of the piano, along with the slow and sad melody of the violin, creates a depressing impression.
play2 download2 Troubled sleep
A short thing in the cinematic style, optimal for creating and enhancing a sense of excitement and anxiety.
preview download Forgotten dream (Free) One of the most popular compositions of my collection, forming a feeling of sadness and sorrow. Used instruments: piano and cello solo.
preview Behind your dream Dynamic and bright track in average tempo. This has several vigorous culminating points, contrasted with the calm and slow parts.
preview Years of wandering This thing is best suited as a background for action, changing events, or waiting for something. Most instruments of the symphony orchestra are used here.
preview Placidity A positive and slightly solemn composition is suitable as the main theme to a melodrama or romantic video. The main melody is a violin and a cello.
preview One hour before (Free) A sad and tragic track performed by the instruments of the chamber orchestra. The slow melody of the cello is optimal for the formation of feelings of sadness.
preview Sun after rain A cheerful, light, and playful piano composition, perfectly suited for the background of romantic scenes, animation, or wedding video.
preview Shadows within us A pensive and slightly melancholic piano track played at an average tempo. Optimal for creating a feeling of light anxiety and anticipation.
preview Make me believe (Free) This piano solo can be described as calm, romantic, and elegant. A pleasant melody evokes nostalgic feelings.
preview Mirror and sunlight An elegant and elegant piano track forms a positive and light mood. Not bad for romantic scenes and animation.
preview Charming life Positive and graceful composition in the style of chamber music. Piano and small string orchestra used here.
preview Glazed Universe This track may be described as shadowy disappointing and melodic. In addition to pianoforte and violins, a distorted solo guitar is used here in the third movement.
preview September (Free) Performed in slow tempo this composition is relaxing and romantic. The style is piano solo.
preview Dancing breeze (Free) See how the waves move under the influence of a light morning breeze. Just look … This is perfection – it’s easy and graceful, the water and the wind are in perfect harmony with each other.
preview download The spirit of mine A sad and tragic track written using instruments of the chamber orchestra. The main tone is set by the sorrowful melody of the cello.
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