New series scary background music samples


This is an OLD post. Now all horror background music tracks available  here

Created specifically for your video project according to your requirements, will not be used anywhere else. You will gain the copyright in it. You can specify the desired tempo, detailed structure, musical instruments to be used, the mood …

These scary background music samples were created using Yamaha RGX420DZ and deep digital processing. Some of them have frequency characteristics similar to the timbre of the human voice for maximum impact to the listener. I also have used a large value of reverberation for the space expansion, and to give the atmosphere, typical of most horror films or thrillers. The most probable area of using of these free scary background music samples is scoring of video thriller or horror type, and increasing the several kind of moods such as fear, anxiety, worry, confusion, fearfulness, bizarre, fantastic or bated breath. On request, samples can be altered, amended and developed, even in musical theme.