DI EVANTILE: Inertia (CD on City Sound Productions)

DI EVANTILE: Inertia (CD on City Sound Productions)

This release from 2007 offers 42 minutes of electronic pop music. Versatile electronics provide a luscious foundation for peppy embellishment and nimble rhythms. Central melodies cavort with frisky exuberance, and peripheral accents chitter with the same exhilaration, generating a solid dose of cheery tuneage. Shrill tones establish riffs that are tempered by additional harmonics, producing an electronic pastiche that is alluring and invigorating. Keyboards trigger crystalline chords that glitter with attractive charm. Moodier tones contribute a sobering foundation at times, enhancing the sparkle of the lead threads. Percussion lends suitable locomotion to the tunes, whether the beats are lively and snappy, or when the tempos adopt a more languid temperament to propel slower tracks. These compositions display a wide range of styles, from bouncy pop to brooding ambient soundscapes. The energetic pieces are crisp and delightful, evoking a definite sense of jubilation in the listeners. The moodier tracks retain a subliminal sprightliness that bestows a sneaky optimism on these placid structures. Fans of the Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode will enjoy this release.

Matt Howarth


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