Electronic music tracks

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Electronicl music tracks collection for personal use and production purposes. Available at MP3 and WAV format.

preview Binary Machine  2.15
preview     Digital fusion   5.08
preview     Glasy craker   5.12
preview     Raisin salad   4.15
preview     Violet whisper   4.57
preview     Adrenalin switch   4.58

BINARY MACHINE  has tempo 120 BPM, simple but catchy melody and  structure of loop ( full track and parts). During writing process synthesized musical instruments were used only . Mood: Motivated, Optimistic,  Joyful.

DIGITAL FUSION This unnatural music tracks has combination of natural and synthetic sounds. Heavy and tough drums, soaked through and through the synthetic fuel oil, difficulty move through the digital mire, which rises from the bottom blowing air bubbles. Alarming cries of still living organics those are prisoners of the limited space proclaim that they have nowhere to go. They are gradually absorbed by the veil of inevitably going digits and glass.

GLASSY CRACKER A digital creature, lounging in energy chairs, crunching eat glassy crackers, and reluctantly raise their heads looking at is not a demonstration parade disc-head synthetic lizard on TV. It’s so mesmerizing them that they stop to eat glass cookies.

RAISIN SALAD Salad of electronic sounds saturated by variety of timbres rotates on a giant plate of universe. Small bubbles of emptiness, which periodically burst float like a raisin here. In general, this unnatural music track creates a neutral and abstract electronic mood like lounge music.

VIOLET WHISPER. That’s how it feels when the capacitor is charging. Purple whisper of magnetic field penetrates and causes tremors. Capacity filled with more and more fully, and decaying voltage is replaced by tranquility. Now the unit has a chance to dream a little. Floated pictures follow each other gradually immersed the capacitor into a dream.

ADRENALINE SWITCH Translucent spheroid, jumping rope for performing at the same time complex pas on its shimmering thin tubular legs, with pleasure listens to the diversity of the ether, and is anxiously awaiting the moment when the parents will call him home for breakfast, and a sense of idyllic will disappear.

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