How to make a video for free

The need to create a video occurs in different cases. Someone needs to make a good presentation of the commercial product and someone just wants to realize their creative ambitions.

 Seven simple tips provided below will allow you to within a few hours to make a good and attractive video for free.

Optimal software for beginners is a Windows Movie Maker, that is part of the Windows package. If you have Windows Vista and Windows XP, you will find this program using the path: start>my computer>program files>moviemaker. Owners of later versions Windows 7 and Windows 8 need to download Windows Live Movie Maker from the official Microsoft website for free.

Once you’ve installed the software on your computer, you are ready for video editing. Even if you’ve recorded video with your mobile phone, you still can to get a rather good product in the end.

To do this, follow some rules. Here they are:

1. Strongly follow to the principle of rotation plans – first is the overall plan (landscape) the second is an average plan (such as a group of people), third is close-up (one person or head) and then over a close-up (such as the clock on the wrist). Never allow the repetition of two plans in the same distance.

2. Each scene should last at least five seconds (except music video). Remember that the person in order to see and understand the image on the screen should be at least three or four seconds.

3. Adding a well-chosen background music can enhance video viewing experience. Use my free background music library or other sources.

4. Use Pan and Zoom only in case of emergency.

5. Use simple transitions between frames, which do not distract.

6. If possible, use a wide-format high-definition video, it is now the most popular.

7. Do not allow the titles at the beginning of the movie to be too long, otherwise, the audience simply switches off the video. It is better to place more information in the end.