Chaos orb

Chaos is what is outside of our space, it is what everything came out of and where everything ultimately returns. In the chaos, there are disordered forms of matter that remain from dying worlds. Any excitement, surge of matter, or energy into this conglomerate, leads to the birth of a new one.

Chaos fields and music

Chaos constantly gives birth to worlds, and it is in the chaos that these worlds constantly die. An endless amount of anything is born in Chaos, everything that can come to the mind of the creator and in particular the musician. We get melodies out of chaos, structure them and then they are embodied in specific compositions.

Chaos is essentially an infinite something in which you can do whatever you want, infinite and unimaginable space for creativity. Our creative self-realization is trying to organize chaos. It is surprising that chaos often seems destructive to people. The lack of resistance to chaos helps the individual to reorganize himself at a new level.

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Consensus Reality

Consensus Reality is an indie sci-fi thriller that explores the metaphysics of madness. A schizophrenic architect must embrace his madness in order to uncover the secrets of New York and prevent the Demiurge, an ancient Gnostic god that’s imprisoned beneath the city, from escaping. The picture promises to be interesting and exciting. Currently, the film … Read more

“Arthur” – Documentary

Life is both ugly and beautiful. Nothing compares to its diversity. At the same time, constant updating allows to move forward creating better and more exciting shapes. The most amazing thing is that the dying living matter becomes the basis for a new life at the next turn of the spiral of evolution.

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The volume balance of film sound

The video contains a huge amount of information. But without sound, even the best quality picture is not able to arouse the emotions of the viewers. Most likely people will remain indifferent and turn their attention to something else.

Moreover, numerous tests and studies showed that the sound quality is directly related to the viewing experience. The movie with the bad sound in comparison to the one where the sound was good (clear and pure) respondents evaluated as worse. This is due to the peculiarities of psychology: human impressions are formed by the signals coming from the different channels of perception.

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Magic of rhythm

When we analyze the music in order to find interesting solutions, we are bound to pay attention to its most important aspect – the rhythm. Rhythm is the basis for almost all types of music, especially for the popular genres. Most of the modern hits contain syncope, that makes the rhythm more catchy. Less impact on the listener has melody and harmony. Is it possible to find an objective reason for this phenomenon?

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“Adrenaline switch” now available in version of 5.1 surround sound

Tracks “Adrenaline switch” now available in the version of 5.1 surround sound. Because the starting material contains 14 tracks, work of music transformation in new format has been really interesting. Part of tracks placed in separate channels, and another part subjected to panning in real time in two spatial axes. This background music track contains … Read more

Mirror of chaos 5.1

This is a STEREO preview! BUY track in 5.1 WMA Surround Sound format. BUY PRO version of the track in 5.1 Surround Sound format WAV (Six files for six different channels: front right, front left, center, rear right, rear left, and subwoofer). Ambient  5.1 surround sound music track “Mirror of Chaos” – is part of … Read more

You are still beautiful to me – short romantic film

There are a lot of completely different movies. Each of them has its own good points. But in the first line of the rating, I think, should be a life-affirming movie, the ones that say “Live, live, because you have not seen anything so beautiful.” Perhaps such stories have a lot of conditional and simplified but do not forget that the movie – is an art.

The first thing that struck me while watching the short romantic film “You are still beautiful to me” is that half of the movie you’re laughing uncontrollably, and during the second half of the film just crying uncontrollably. The director has mixed genres (as far as I can understand it) comedy and drama, and, despite the complexity of this task, the film turned out to be extremely harmonious and natural. The emotions that I experienced while watching this movie is simply impossible to describe …

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Synthesized Hang

Hang synthesisAfter listening to some recordings with Hang performance of various artists, the idea to synthesize this tool appeared. To do this, I took two Subtractors (software analog-type polyphonic synthesizers based on subtractive synthesis). One of them generates tonal percussion sounds, and another simulates claps with hand on the body of Hang. In my opinion, the result is quite believable.

In addition to the basic rhythmic figure of synthesized Hang, the track includes a few sound effects, which were also synthesized. In conjunction with the three-dimensional graphical images, all of this creates a very strange feeling that some kind of mystical, otherworldly …

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