Mystery SFX Pack 1

Download MP3 using the link above. See also full SFX library.

buy BUY PRO version of the package in WAV format. What is the difference between formats?

This pack of mystery SFX contains nine samples – musical phrases, separated by small pauses. How to use them: open the file in the sound editor and cut out the selected fragment.

The small SFX library was created by using the Yamaha RGX420DZ, and Native Instruments GUITAR RIG 5. These sound effects are suitable for scoring film types like detective, mysterious, mystical and horror.

Every sample of mystery SFX has a broad spatial reverb, which is typical for this type of background music. They also may be corrected by equalizer if necessary.

It will help to create a specific atmosphere for film, documentary or any video project. Mood: fear, fearfulness, worry, anxiety, bizarre, confusion, or bated breath.