Smooth and relaxing music spotify playlist

Smooth and relaxing music Spotify playlist for online streaming. 

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This collection contains soft and calm ambient compositions from different albums namely: “Rhetorical Digression”, “Inertia”, “Infrared Clock” and “Transformation”.
You can listen to this long playlist for more than 90 minutes without being distracted by the choice of songs.

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As a composer, I strive to write music for the various needs of users. Therefore, other thematic playlists are available here. The free Spotify app, developed for Windows, Android, and iOS, allows you to listen to music online, add songs to your library, and create individual playlists.

Song list:

  1. Behind Existence. The smooth ambient textures make this relaxing composition unstructured. However, the melody can be traced, it creates a feeling of euphoria and flying in the clouds.
  2. Caffeine. The rhythm of this pacifying track is akin to the waves rolling on the shore. The track is very easy to listen to, best suited for yoga practice, and as a backdrop in a spa.
  3. Space Navigator. Electronic composition with a soft percussion rhythm, rich in smooth pad transitions, panoramic sound effects. Solo keyboards sound muffled and soft.
  4. One-Click Blues. The drums and percussion in this chill-out composition sound casual and a little harsh. Soft bass and crumbling piano chords complete this surreal lounge track.
  5.  The element of Happiness. Smoothly fading pads and subtle keyboard notes create the feeling of being on a tropical beach in the morning before dawn. The day has not yet begun, but the consciousness senses its approach and is filled with positive expectations.
  6. Violet Whisper. The sounds of an electronic sequence traveling lightly through space are periodically permeated with bells or synthetic pads as if a quiet hot summer day is being refreshed by light rain.
  7. Decompressed. A sense of peace and tranquility is present throughout this ambient composition. Ideal as massage music or a track for self-contemplation.
  8. Moon Whirling. The flowing pads and synthesized violins sound soothing and sometimes majestic. Short piano phrases against their background look like blotches in marble, created by nature itself.
  9. Episode 1. This smooth electronic composition has a mystical flavor. Otherworldly voices sound unreal, mysterious, and enigmatic. Perhaps if you use this music as a background for studying the exact sciences, it will become a source of inspiration and an impetus for future discoveries.
  10. A Wine Ballad. An easy, calmly, almost weightless ballad carries us into the sphere of pleasure, admiration, the beauty of color, sparkling of light serene tones. Ideal for spa music.
  11. An eternity of Doubt. Subtle and delicate sound images are the most relaxing here. The hazy and iridescent piano sounds are best for a serene beach experience.
  12. Candle Tornado. The fragile and delicate arpeggios of the harpsichord are so distinct here that they seem to materialize in space, and the chorus in the background emphasizes their sharpness. The style is a combination of classic and modern chill-out.
  13. Mind. In this soulful composition, which contains elements of jazz, echoes of mystical ethereal visions seem to flicker. Perhaps this effect is achieved through the use of panoramic synthesized sounds.
  14. Episode 3. The slow instrumental track is full of panoramic special effects, which is especially evident when listening to headphones. Ideal for stimulating fantasy or trying to focus on the inner universe.
  15. Episode 4. Monotonously repeating notes in the background and lazy percussion sounds freeze the mind, trying to immerse it in a state of sleep. Based on the characteristics of its rhythm, this track can be called soothing.
  16. Episode 8. I think it’s not bad for mental work or study. It sounds like a sleeping ocean, which contains many secrets and is ready to wake up at any moment.
  17. Glassy Cracker. Free from stylistic constraints, the sketch combines the lazy softness and enchanting delicacy of the sound atmosphere with the mystery of the universe. Particular psychological expressiveness is achieved through the constant play of timbres.
  18. Raisin Salad. Short and expressive symbolic phrases slowly permeate the smooth and soft sound flow, while the electronic rhythmic elements sound moody and more decorative than functional.
  19. Hidden Element. This instrumental composition is built entirely on a synthetic basis. At the same time, the picture of a virtual lyrical landscape is amazingly plastic. The form is fluent, tranquil. It unfolds and closes with a rare naturalness and softness.
  20. Source of Radiation. In search of a calming backdrop for yoga and self-contemplation, listeners go through a myriad of songs. This soothing track is free from any stylization and is just a combination of sound spots and harmonic contrasts.
  21. Water and Stone. You can listen to this song both in the office, relaxing during a break, and in nature during physical education. Calm and quiet pad chords, thanks to sequential repetitions, sound like sea waves.

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