Nostalgic Memories

Nostalgic Memories is a solo piano composition saturated with light and serene tones. The track reflects closeness to nature, subtle sensations arising from the perception of the beauty of the sea, sky, forest, and fixation of subtle psychological states caused by the contemplation of the outside world. Simple sound techniques are used here, against the background of restrained emotions and a transparent, stingy texture.

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Music to relieve stress and anxiety. Spotify Playlist.

Music to relieve stress and anxiety. Spotify playlist contains calm, soothing music to release muscle tension, headache, reduce anger, or normalize consciousness in a state of depression. This collection of instrumental classical piano and ambient music is selected to create a relaxing environment as an addition to different therapy techniques. You can listen to this soft music playlist while doing mental work, practicing meditation, or trying to sleep. It is available for online streaming.

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Way of the light

Way of the light – slow and soft romantic background music written in ambient style. In addition to the piano, instruments of the symphony orchestra such as violins, oboe, flute, and cello are used here. The beginning and the final part are the most smooth, soothing, and relaxing. The intense orchestration in the middle of the track covers the entire spectrum of frequencies from high to low. Music is applicable for scoring melodramas, romantic comedies, animation, and popular science films.