Time changing

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Tag:  slow piano background music, background music for the video.

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Time changes – it’s romantic piano and violin music, written in a classical manner. The composition helps to reject excessively gloomy and negative emotions, allowing you to focus on rethinking the positive that is in every moment of life.

Soft piano chords and a slow romantic melody of the violin create a subtle connection with the listener’s consciousness, controlling his emotions. Feel the fine line between living conditions and the value of earthly joys. In this state, a person is able to reason with irony even about the most serious and unpleasant things.

Like raindrops, unhurried piano notes in the second part of the composition, cause nostalgic feelings, forcing the mind to abandon everyday worries. Serenity piano chords in the first part of the track gradually turn into a nostalgic recollection of bygone times, which is created by a violin in the background. Bright notes of the piano unsuccessfully try to resist this, but there is no power over time.

This romantic piano and violin music track can be used as a background to any positive video material, such as romantic stories, documentaries, home videos, or presentations of health products.