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The genre of album: ambient, cinematic music.

Album “Transformations” is the next step of my research of connections between sound and visual images. There are many levels of mind control, and every person has his own method of perception. Unfortunately, many people even in civilization do not use such a great thing as meditation. The man in the street can’t really affect to flow of ideas. Ambient and previous experience organize the continuous flow of images that every second stream through our brain. Transformation of consciousness to the next level is a way to get full control of your mind. There really is no limit to improving the controllability of your stream of consciousness with the practice of meditation. Such control is not only control under your mind. This is the step to control your life itself. Chaos and disorder of everyday life sometimes can take us into a deep depression. But harmony and perfection really exist inside of us. It is necessary to apply some of the efforts to discover these internal facilities.

Doing this work, I have had many experiments with tempo and frequencies. I did all for making the flow of images smooth and uninterrupted. Every idea coming into my mind was fixed by means of expression available to me at this period of time. Thus I hope the “Transformations” is a good substance for studying of depths one’s own fantasy and an effective tool for stimulation of the imagination.

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