?he Golden Age

Many people believe that the Golden Age will come.  Others say that the Golden Age was a long time ago, that humanity mired in a vice, and the human spirit will never rise above the baser desires.  Others recall about the number of people living on Earth and think that to start the project “Golden Age” is simply not enough resources.

In the words of each of them has a modicum of truth.  And they all have different views on the Golden Age. Harmony with the world? Or harmony of a new man to the world? Or harmony of man with the new world, which he created? Or harmony of spiritual and material?

Everyone sees the different view of paradise, but all agree on the fact that it is not compatible with the everyday work. And if to believe that Golden Age is a good time period, devoid of commitment and the need to work, that it will be filled with only happy contemplation of environmental grace, we can safely say that the Golden Age will never come. And it never was.

Vadim Panov “Enclaves”.