“Arthur” – Documentary

Life is both ugly and beautiful. Nothing compares to its diversity. At the same time, constant updating allows to move forward creating better and more exciting shapes. The most amazing thing is that the dying living matter becomes the basis for a new life at the next turn of the spiral of evolution.

In our progressive time most people are far away from the primitive affinity with nature. An understanding of physical laws and the development of technology has given people the opportunity to radically change the way of life. Now person does not adapt to the conditions but adjusts them for yourself.

No need to struggle for survival and there is the time to practice the art. The creative process betrays a new meaning to life, allowing it to fill with new colors and get a sense of fleeting happiness.

The author invites the viewer to look at how ordinary people live. People for which low income allows to have only minimum of creature comforts. Nevertheless, even here there is room for creativity, sports and human happiness.

The half-hour “Arthur” Documentary leaves mixed feelings and a genuine interest in what happens on the screen. Such movie cannot be created on order; such movie can only be created with a sincere love for nature and incredibly hard-working people who have become characters of the film. The creator of the video of course is enthusiastic in his work.

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  1. nice good i like your film best of luck

  2. Looking for fresh content, but this….. not shure


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