If only

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“If only” is playful piano background music track, optimal for scoring of animation, or corporate presentation. Light and airy slow-tempo composition, generally positive and creates a playful feeling. An unobtrusive smooth melodic line is easy to understand by listeners of different ages. The soft sound of a piano is particularly well suited as a background for sentimental events occurring on the screen. Periodic changes in tempo make the music similar to human speech. The song available for download at MP3 and WAV formats. Tag:  slow piano background music

3 thoughts on “If only”

  1. For me, it’s the restraint you show in your work… over and over. You have a way holding back and keeping things musically well-informed… you let the melody speak! So many tend to overdo it, over orchestrate, try too hard and ultimately disappoint. In a nutshell, you know when enough is enough. You understand that simple need not be simplistic and when (and I dare say why) too much is too much. I love your creations! Very well done indeed.


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