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Music helps to improve memory.

The connection between music lessons and a improved memory previously reported Chinese scientists from the University of Hong Kong. For the experiment, the researchers selected 90 children aged from 6 to 15 years old. Exactly half of them played in the school orchestra, or take individual music lessons. The remaining 45 students have never engaged in playing musical instruments. Children engaged in music, showed significantly higher verbal ability, and their memory was significantly better than those who have never opened the note. Follow-up study one year later showed that the results of students, who during this time dropped his music lessons, Read More

Music will prolong the youthfulness of the brain

With age, people begin to hear the worst. They do not distinguish individual sounds in the background noise, did not immediately respond to a question addressed to them. This is due not to the deaf, but the deterioration of neurons. The cells in the brain of old people react to the signals slowly. According to scientists, the music can prevent senile deafness. The brain of musicians does not age.

Researchers from Northwestern University (USA) believe that music is the perfect anti-aging agent for the brain. Scientists compared the automatic “response” of neurons of the brain when people hear the human speech. Three groups were tested: elderly musicians, people in the age who not involved in music and young people – not musicians.

According to the researchers, the reaction rate of the brain of older musicians, not just superior to the gray matter of their peers, but caught up with the brains of young people who have never engaged in music. The neurons in the aging musicians maintain youthful vitality of the reaction. This confirms the hypothesis that the sounds that we hear throughout the life have an active influence to the functioning of our nervous system. Read More

How to make music affect the mood?

If the brain is cut in half, each part of the brain continues to live as if two different people. The two hemispheres of the brain control different functions of mental activity.

French physician Broca found that the speech center is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. At the same time, the right side of the brain responsible for image and pattern recognition. Without the right hemisphere a person can not recognize people by voice, characteristics and perform the movement in space. Read More

Harmless way to stimulate the brain

Many of us are faced with a phenomenon of inhibited thinking. This usually occurs after long hours of intensive brain work. Worst of all, if the job is not finished yet, but it must complete. Food industry has taught people to such stimulants as caffeine or taurine. These substances are part of stimulating beverages. Many people use coffee or “Red Bull” to get myself to work. But in addition to chemical methods of exposure, there are other more harmless methods of brain stimulation. Not everyone knows that music can have a positive impact on the thinking processes. In recent years, numerous studies in this area where carried out. Read More

Music for mind concentration

How to choose music for mind concentration? The problem of mind concentration faces almost every person who is engaged in intellectual work. Ability to concentrate their thoughts about one subject is not so simple. The problem often arises when working simultaneously on multiple tasks. The human brain nature cannot ignore the problem, until it is completely solved. If a brain has a few issues that need solutions, they often conflict with each other. An office environment also hinders concentration. Phone calls, slamming doors, loud speech, other sounds from the street, it all somehow distract people’s attention. Very rarely, people have the opportunity to work in complete isolation, when no one is worried. Is it possible to create such an atmosphere, within an average office? Using of music for mind concentration can help to solve the problem. At least, a specially selected music can protect you from the noises that distract your mind from work. What requirements must satisfy music for mind concentration? Basic requirements are two: first, the music should override other sounds, and secondly, it should not attract your attention. In addition, the music should not have hypnotic or sedative effects, in otherwise your productivity will drop significantly.

The most intense factor that attracts people is the human voice. Thus, the music should be entirely instrumental. On the other hand, natural sounds such as: surf noise, rustling leaves, singing birds, chirping insects, not distracting, but even help to create a sense of comfort. In addition, nature sounds, do not have a clear structure, and has excellent masking effect. Musical instruments must be organically woven into the sound of environment and if possible to supplement it. Also the timbre of instruments should not be in tune with the timbre of the human voice. Violin best suited for such music. Their high-frequency spectrum has a slightly stimulating effect, and at the same time not annoying. Another requirement, the music for mind concentration should not have a stable repeatability. Motive of the music must have at least slight variations; otherwise, the human brain begins to unconsciously repeat it, going into a trance.

Put on headphones, and set the volume balance so that the music did not attract your attention and at the same time masked extraneous noises that distract you. However, remember that being listening music in headphones too long time, is not good for health of ears. Therefore, you should not abuse it.