How to make music affect the mood?

If the brain is cut in half, each part of the brain continues to live as if two different people. The two hemispheres of the brain control different functions of mental activity.

French physician Broca found that the speech center is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. At the same time, the right side of the brain responsible for image and pattern recognition. Without the right hemisphere, a person cannot recognize people by voice, characteristics and perform the movement in space.

Stimulation of the right hemisphere by different sounds often has unusual states of consciousness. With music in mind, senses become acuter, and the perception and imagination become more vivid. Using of music for the mind can cause a direct emotional experience, such as imagination and positive emotions. In this case, the sound and musical tunes can be a powerful tool for mind control.

A simple exercise to see how the sound makes the right hemisphere of the brain to work. Insert your favorite movie in the DVD player and turn off the picture or just close your eyes while listening to the audio track only. Images from the film unconsciously begin to arise in the mind. The opposite situation also occurs. If you disable sound of the movie, your brain will complement the movie with characters speech and music in mind.

Almost every person has their own tunes, which are associated with a particular place and action. The most firmly fixed are romantic experiences associated with the melody listened for the first time. At the same time, only a few people deliberately use an associative feature of the right half of the human brain. Meanwhile, there are limitless controls over their own consciousness here.

Connect the mind and music and create an association is quite simple. Upload a new musical composition, you have not heard before to a mobile phone or iPod. If you want to maximize the use of the right hemisphere of your brain and the emotional sphere, preference should be given to instrumental background music with strong melodies. Lyrics or speech will affect the left hemisphere of the brain, and in this case, we do not need it. Our task is to memorize images, which can then be called later.

So, wait until you want to remember something. This may be a trip to an exotic country, meeting with a pleasant person, or something else. In right time turn on the music. Thus, you will generate the necessary host association. Subsequently, in order to trigger memories, you will only turn on the music and close your eyes.

Successful and happy moments are good tools to maintain our mental health in difficult times. Each of us has a time machine allowing us to return to the desired point of the time and relive a pleasant experience. It is only necessary to configure it as follows.


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