Musical language “sol-re-sol”

Over the past three hundred years, about two hundred projects of artificial languages were invited. Unfortunately, all of them were fallen into oblivion, as have been unsuccessful. An interesting musical language, called “sol-re-sol” was created in 1817.

The author was a Frenchman, Jean Francois Syudr. He published the rules of their language in 1817. For forty years, his followers developed a grammar, vocabulary, and theory of the language. In 1868 in Paris, there were writings some compositions using that language.

The roots of the words of the new language were the seven basic musical notes. These notes also formed some of new words: si means “yes”, do means “no,” re – “and” mi – “or” do-re – “I” do-fa – “he” re-do – “my”, etc.

Such a speech could be played on musical instruments. But this language was more difficult than the most complex of modern language and has also been forgotten.

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