“Rhetorical Digression” A Cinematic Electronic Adventure!

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Preview by Dub_Ninja from SubsonicTemple

“Rhetorical Digression”presents listeners with a truly other-worldly experience. Just bordering on the truly abstract with minimal yet rich soundscapes, not conforming to any commercial standard, Di Evantile starts the musical journey with a few tracks that touch on the fringes between the dream-state and the waking conscious.

The opening track “A Point To Nowhere” certainly reminds me of the electronica of old. The influence of Jean-Michel Jarre is strong here, yet at the same time the strange lonley soundscapes are fresh and seem to hint at where the reast of the album is headed. On the opening tracks, rhythms almost form and are pushed away into nebulous clouds of ethereal pads and angelic synths. However, each track seems to bring more cohesion and more structure. One of my favorite tracks “One-Click Blues” has a sexy lush groove made to chill in the late nate or early hours. With a solid groove and beautiful cosmic echoes (remenicent of Lonnie Liston Smith) here makes me realize just how far we have come from formless to form.

Yet even here the comsic echoes remind us that we have not gone very far. My other favorite tracks on this beautifully cosmic album would be Adrenaline Switch and Sourse of Radiation. The last track “Behind Existence” takes us back to the beginning where we are once again treated with a lush dreamlike landscape of sounds with a smallest hint of a structure to sail us to our next destination. Individually some of these tracks may seem disconnected, but as a whole this Album flows wonderfully from beginning to end. While its deep cosmic relaxing textures may present a problem listening to in deep traffic Di Evantile has put together an excellent CD to chill or relax to.