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Electronicl music tracks collection for personal use and production purposes. Available at MP3 and WAV format.

preview Binary Machine  2.15
preview     Digital fusion   5.08
preview     Glasy craker   5.12
preview     Raisin salad   4.15
preview     Violet whisper   4.57
preview     Adrenalin switch   4.58

BINARY MACHINE  has tempo 120 BPM, simple but catchy melody and  structure of loop ( full track and parts). During writing process synthesized musical instruments were used only . Mood: Motivated, Optimistic,  Joyful.

DIGITAL FUSION This unnatural music tracks has combination of natural and synthetic sounds. Heavy and tough drums, soaked through and through the synthetic fuel oil, difficulty move through the digital mire, which rises from the bottom blowing air bubbles. Alarming cries of still living organics those are prisoners of the limited space proclaim that they have nowhere to go. They are gradually absorbed by the veil of inevitably going digits and glass.

GLASSY CRACKER A digital creature, lounging in energy chairs, crunching eat glassy crackers, and reluctantly raise their heads looking at is not a demonstration parade disc-head synthetic lizard on TV. It’s so mesmerizing them that they stop to eat glass cookies.

RAISIN SALAD Salad of electronic sounds saturated by variety of timbres rotates on a giant plate of universe. Small bubbles of emptiness, which periodically burst float like a raisin here. In general, this unnatural music track creates a neutral and abstract electronic mood like lounge music.

VIOLET WHISPER. That’s how it feels when the capacitor is charging. Purple whisper of magnetic field penetrates and causes tremors. Capacity filled with more and more fully, and decaying voltage is replaced by tranquility. Now the unit has a chance to dream a little. Floated pictures follow each other gradually immersed the capacitor into a dream.

ADRENALINE SWITCH Translucent spheroid, jumping rope for performing at the same time complex pas on its shimmering thin tubular legs, with pleasure listens to the diversity of the ether, and is anxiously awaiting the moment when the parents will call him home for breakfast, and a sense of idyllic will disappear.

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Insight (video)

This video is a combination of the recently completed track “Insight” and a series of photos that were captured at different times. Contemplation of nature is always a matter of feelings conciliate and inspired the creation of slow and relaxing compositions.

The mysterious and meditative slow background music


This is and OLD post. Now all mysterious background music tracks available here.

Description of samples:

  1. Mysterious and meditative slow background music with bells. Can be used for creation of foreboding, thoughtful, meditative and dazed mood.
  2. Unstructured and at the same time, a rhythmic small track in the key of A minor. It creates a musing, reflective and slightly melancholy mood.
  3. Revenant track with a slow rhythm and a muted tone. For production of fantastic and whimsical video.
  4. Ideal background for anominous atmosphere of Mars or documentary about paranormal phenomena. Used sound effect of boiling water.
  5. Positive and optimistic music with a rhythm like the murmur of stream. Suitable for a fresh and a little excited mood.




Vol.1 slow background music for movie

This is an OLD post. Now all slow background music tracks available here.

This original compilation of free slow background music for movie production include an list of short samples in ambient style, some peaceful and some little bit tense. With electronic and mysterious influences, these sound samples add specific ambient to your video, multimedia project or PowerPoint presentation. Small soundtrack can be used to evoke viewer’s emotion to make video or television production more dynamic and really achieve the human emotion.




The story “Starosvetskie landlords” by Russian writer Nicolai Gogol, have lines indicating his understanding of the harmony of noise at that time:
“But the most remarkable in the house – were singing doors. As soon as morning would begin, the door singing distributed throughout the home.

I can not say why they would sing: whether corroded hinges were the cause of it, or the mechanic just handled doors concealed a secret inside them, but the remarkable fact is, that each door had its unique voice: a leading door into the bedroom sang the thinnest descant; the door of dining room wheeze with deep-voices, but the one which was in the hay, issued some strange and raspy moaning sound, so when one would listen attentively he could hear very clearly: father, I’m in freezing! “

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Di Evantile – Infrared Clock (2008)

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Genre of album: ambient, relaxing music.


Di Evantile – Infrared Clock (2008)
Monday, June 30th, 2008

How I Feel About It :

We reviewed Di Evantile’s Inertia last December and I remember thinking that Beatrice Clarke went a little easy on it. It seemed a little too Animatronics, too machine-like and the keyboard sounds seemed too cheesy and overused. Even if it was superbly orchestrated (and some of it well-played) it sounded a bit hollow and soulless to me. So imagine my surprise when I drew Infrared Clock to review. I thought, “Here’s an excellent chance to set the record straight.” But Di Evantile changed some things, and for the better. This album is dreamy and trance inducing. It’s the perfect music to go to sleep to, without actually inducing sleep. There’s something at once modern and primeval about it, and it urges the listener to dream on an epic scale without requiring epic amounts of energy to do it. This isn’t a work that I will ever feel passionately about because it’s only interested in the passion of dreams, which are usually distant from the dreamer, somewhat aloof and impersonal. Infrared Clock is something of an opiate.

What I Think About It

Where Inertia had tightly knit arrangements with club-ish drums, Infrared Clock meanders. It meanders in the same way Peter Gabriel does with many of his songs and keyboard parts. It also has a world music feel because the drum tracks (especially track 8, Hidden Element) have a world beat tinge to them that Inertia lacked. It also has an element of Pink Floyd, especially the beginning of Shine of You Crazy Diamond, on the album Wish You Were Here. Last but not least, it shares some qualities with Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack and I even hear a touch of Jan Hammer in the mix. The best part about this album is its pacing, the same pacing the Blade Runner soundtrack has, the same pacing as Shine on You Crazy Diamond, and Di Evantile rarely departs from it. If the pace changes on this album, it’s only for a very brief period of time. The pace, along with a wide variety of keyboard sounds, creates a fantastic sense of space that is hypnotic. Admittedly, some of the keyboard pads are obvious, like the female choral pad at the start. It’s distracting sometimes from the music when you hear a canned sound and you know what keyboard it comes from. (Personally, if a band is going to use a preset, I’d prefer it if it was at least disguised with some effects. Presets are for trying the instrument out in the store! It’s important for musicians to make each sound totally their own.) The pace is what makes this album great. The slowness of it takes the edge off that part of the album which is obviously programmed. It makes it feel more human, and it has to be said that some of the playing on this album, especially the piano, is high caliber. I especially like the piano on the fist track, Intuition. The part doesn’t require great dexterity, but to brush the piano languidly over some pads and draw the listener in takes great taste, and Di Evantile’s broad taste in music is evident on this album. This album should appeal across demographic lines, more so than Inertia. Its appeal is so obvious and Di Evantile’s skill so apparent that I’m left to wonder why no one from film or TV has explored Di Evantile’s capacities. I have no doubt that the mind behind this act could score a movie or contribute heavily to a TV show.

Steve Perry (no relation)