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Tags: slow background music,  music for video, music for meditation.

Nirvana – slow background composition, created with a minimum number of musical instruments. The basis of the track is repeated piano phrase. The monotony of the rhythm adjusts brain to tranquil mood, disconnecting consciousness from reality. Synthetic pad with a small dose of panning effect creates an additional relaxing effect.

Lazy sounds of percussion do not emphasize the basic rhythm but look like textured touches, add ethnic overtones to the track. Crystal notes of strings make the musical picture complete, changing the tone to more mellow.

Here are some guidelines for using the track as a background for the events: contemplation, meditation, idyllic, sunrise or sunset, flowering plants, a slow stream of water. This may be useful both for feature film and for documentaries.

The moods, which can be formed or increased by this track: happiness, felicity, blessing, blessedness, sunshine, relaxation, daydreaming, peace, repose, ease, quiet, comfort, quietness.