Percussion instrument Hang

Percussion musical instrument Hang is one of the youngest acoustic instruments to date. The creators (a group of enthusiasts from the company named Panart) for many years analyzed percussion instruments from different countries and ethnic cultures. As a result, this unique and exotic resonating percussion instrument was born.

Hang has rather interesting acoustic properties, making this musical instrument really unique. Physically Hang consists of two metal hemispheres. For the manufacture of them, the steel of a certain sort is used. One of the hemispheres has 8 tonal areas, each of which is designed to extract a specific tone. Changing the sound timbre and modulation performed by using a special hole cavity.

There are several different ways to extract audio from Hang: by base brush, palm, thumb, and fingertips. In addition to the soft hammering, causing characteristic sounds of percussion with a fast attack, it is possible to rub gently the hemisphere. The result is a lasting buzz. It is noteworthy that each area of this wonderful instrument sounds in its own way. It ultimately creates a very rich musical palette.

Most often, the player holds Hand on lap horizontally or vertically. In addition, Hang can be placed on a drum rack.

Since the invention of Hang, it was released three generations of the tool, and its development is still continuing. Panart Company offers more than 45 different versions of the instrument. Every one of them has its own musical scale.

Since Hang has a limited number of notes, musicians often play a group of 2-3 people, using Hangs with different musical scales, which are combined with each other. It makes more opportunities for expansion of the performing.

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