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Tags: slow piano background music, ambient background music

Behind existence is a slow background abstract ambient music track. Lazily flowing sounds of synthetic pads and choir create a feeling of free flight in outer space. Panoramic effects reinforce the psychological impact, creating a feeling of unreality and the listener feeling himself of being in space between the parallel worlds. Short bursts of synthesizers look like specks on the endless fabric of the universe.

During the remastering, I did the soundtrack denser in accordance with today’s requirements of the audience. However, changes have been made very carefully, almost on the threshold of perception. As a result, the individual nuances of quiet musical instruments are more clearly, audible and legible, regardless of the speaker or headphones.

Journey through the depths of consciousness has always been of interest not only for philosophers but also for ordinary people. Indeed, apart from objectively existing reality, each of us has his own world, unique and unlike anything else. Perhaps someone using this background track as a tool for meditation will open a new page of the unknown and expand their understanding of the outside world.