What are the chances of independent producers in the global market?

Millions of people around the world spend their time trying to create works of art. People make movies or compose music without getting any money for it. What motivates these people and what are the chances that their creations do not die in obscurity?

It would seem that the major film companies with budgets of millions do not leave any chance for independent producers. Concerted teams, marketers, writers, cameramen and other professionals are able to solve any problem.

Then why the Giants of film and record industry periodically generate loss-making projects, while successful videos taken with a mobile phone camera get millions of views and likes?

Virtually all of the key ideas used today in music or film were created decades or even centuries ago, and what we see today – it’s just a variation.

Who in the future will be able to make a qualitative leap in the art – no one knows. It is possible that this will be a small company or even one person.

Maybe taking a strong market position and deprived of serious competitors Giants gradually degrade, giving way to younger, active and ambitious players.