What are the future trends of stock music?

No one knows who first came up with the idea to create a library of stock music. Currently, surfing the Internet anyone can find a huge amount of resources that offer stock music for various industrial purposes.

  As a result, not only the big giants of the film industry but also small studios can get for project inexpensive background music, which is quite satisfactory.

 Rights for using such music are not purchased exclusively, but novice filmmakers are not confused. If the background music is used for scoring presentations or advertising, exclusivity does not play any role.

The cost of a single music track in such libraries can range from 5 to 250 dollars. In some cases, the owners of the resource set their own price. To buy a few favorite tracks with a limited budget is the reality.

 The use of such music content for consumers is obvious. The owner of the resource as well earns by selling music. But what is a musician? The more songs in the library, the less likely it is that his song will be purchased.

 In addition, the effect of recommendations leads to the fact that buyers are first to pay attention to the tracks that are at the top of rankings. As a result – the main sales generate dozens of songs, and a huge amount of good musical material remains untapped.

 So, What are the future trends of stock music? In such a situation, the musicians lose their motivation, and society is deprived of the opportunity to hear new and exciting things that will never be created. Perhaps the decline in pay for work will lead to the creation of music that will be engaged only really, enthusiasts.