Chaos orb

Chaos is what is outside of our space, it is what everything came out of and where everything ultimately returns. In the chaos, there are disordered forms of matter that remain from dying worlds. Any excitement, surge of matter, or energy into this conglomerate, leads to the birth of a new one.

Chaos fields and music

Chaos constantly gives birth to worlds, and it is in the chaos that these worlds constantly die. An endless amount of anything is born in Chaos, everything that can come to the mind of the creator and in particular the musician. We get melodies out of chaos, structure them and then they are embodied in specific compositions.

Chaos is essentially an infinite something in which you can do whatever you want, infinite and unimaginable space for creativity. Our creative self-realization is trying to organize chaos. It is surprising that chaos often seems destructive to people. The lack of resistance to chaos helps the individual to reorganize himself at a new level.

Chaos spawn

The state of any system is always in an evolutionary process, nothing stands still. Chaos appears to sweep away old and established, but often obsolete paradigms, and introduce new, more stable positions for the system. The more unstable the system and the closer it is to the point of collapse, the more it seeks to destroy itself in order to reassemble it later.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts on chaos theory and the inspiration to draw from it. I guess I’ll try some tips at my leisure 🙂

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