Island of placidity

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For thousands of years, we progress and remake the world in accordance with our needs. But a man still has not managed to create an artificial environment, comparable to the natural. That’s why if we can, we trying to escape from the city, at least temporarily to be alone with primeval nature.

… Near Portugal, there are nine volcanic masterpieces rises – Azores. A variety of beautiful landscapes, peace, and tranquility prevail in each of the islands. These islands are an ideal place for body and soul relaxing. Nature in all its glory bestows extraordinary palette of colors. Saturated colors blooming hydrangeas and azaleas, the extraordinary blue of the ocean, crystal clear waters of the lakes and emerald hills on a black background of lava…

The musical background track Island of placidity is an attempt to transform visual images to the similar sound picture. Basically, there are used natural musical instruments (piano, strings) with a minimum number of effects. Tag: slow background music

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