Supernatural and Magic music Spotify Playlist

Supernatural and Magic music Spotify Playlist for online streaming. 

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This collection contains mysterious and queer music compositions in the classical and electronic style. The material gathered from different albums namely: “Rhetorical Digression”, “Inertia”. The playlist also contains the music of other composers.

Listening to a playlist is much more convenient than flipping through albums and songs in search of what you need. I periodically add new songs to the playlist, if you want to know about it – subscribe to the playlist. You may also be interested in other themed playlists.

While you can listen to music directly from this page, it’s much more convenient to install the free Spotify app. It has several versions for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. If you have friends and acquaintances who also enjoy listening to this type of music, feel free to send them a link to the playlist. Below the player window, you will find a code that you can paste into any web page.

Song list:

  1. The wind becomes stronger. A mysterious and mesmerizing backdrop suitable for occult rituals and seances. The monotonous rhythm of percussion is reminiscent of a shaman tambourine. Unreal human howls in the background increase the feel of mystery.
  2. A point to nowhere. The introductory part resembles the eerie breath of a waking giant spooky beast. The main theme of the sequenced melody is shrouded in secret and mysticism. The sharp-sounding sounds of a synthetic piano are akin to a harpsichord.
  3. Mirror of chaos. The track is full of unusual timbres that cannot be found in the natural environment. In fact, this unstructured composition is a sound texture filled with singular and unnatural sobs, smooth lines of pads, synthesized effects, and other unnatural sounds.
  4. An impulse of silence. This electronic track has a rich musical palette. It forms a slightly sad, somewhere solemn, and slightly nostalgic impression. In the mind of the listener, images of mythical creatures soar in the dark and mysterious environment of an imaginary world appear.
  5. Source of radiation. The picture that this track forms in the listener’s mind are freaky and a little eerie. The whistling creak and lingering groans echo with clicks, thumping, and footsteps. The unexpected and abrupt arpeggios of synthesizers try to bring a melodic component to this abstract and disordered sound background.
  6. Adrenaline switch. Along with the traditional sampling techniques typical of the lounge and downtempo styles, whimsical fancy special effects and unconventional synthesized sounds are used here. They make the overall timbre of the composition a little harsh, creating a slight sense of anxiety and unreality of what is happening.
  7. Behind existence. A characteristic feature of this track is the soft and homogeneous, slightly stretched sounds of synthetic pads. Despite the lack of a pronounced melody, the track is quite remarkable, possibly due to the feeling of some kind of magic created by the combination of sounds and chord progression.
  8. Violet whisper. There is a slight tension in the opening chords, which, however, gradually smoothed out. The tone of the composition is densest at the top of the spectrum thanks to the use of synthesized sequences. In general, the overall mood of the track is calm and relaxing.
  9. Space navigator. The rhythm of the percussion prompts you to dance slightly to the beat. Harsh drum claps are harmoniously combined with muted keyboard arpeggios and extended pad sounds. All this together creates the illusion of flying in a fictional universe filled with supernatural objects and creatures.
  10. Glassy cracker. This composition looks a little puzzling and a little creepy, especially after the first listening. Traditional musical instruments are practically not used here, the whole palette consists of synthesized sounds. The mood of the track is generally positive and even slightly playful.
  11. An eternity of doubt. A slow and relaxing composition takes us to a fancied world of tranquility of nirvana. Pastoral chords freeze the mind. Thoughts flow sluggishly, slowly, unhurriedly. It seems that this euphoria will last forever.
  12. Candle tornado. Literally from the first notes, there is a feeling of the future development of events. Something is about to happen. Something cryptic, possibly related to the other world. Lovers of esotericism will surely appreciate this composition.
  13. Water and sand. An idyll, a fantastic seascape – that’s what comes to mind after the first seconds of listening to these songs. The listener literally physically feels the vibrations of the ether and magnetic fields. Sad and nostalgic notes require a desire to close your eyes and indulge in self-contemplation.
  14. Hidden element. It seems that these chords contain concealed mystical energy. Percussion rhythms similar to the sounds of a tambourine try to evoke it out of the virtual world. The overall mood of the track is dark and disturbing.
  15. Raisin salad. The eccentric electronic drums and jingling synthesized sounds are a bit perplexing at first. Consciousness hesitates between various borderline states, it is unable to choose the right direction. By the middle of the track, the tension subsides and turns into lazy relaxation.
  16. Episode 1. Smooth and almost transparent sound streams move through space without visible effort. There is something fascinating in these notes, some kind of mystery that makes the consciousness plunge into a state of unexplained enthusiasm.
  17. Episode 3. The darkness and agitation are felt in the track from the first minutes. A latent and incomprehensible threat penetrates the mind literally physically. The composition is rich in panoramic effects. This gives the sound an extra spatial dimension.
  18. Episode 8. Uncertainty combined with anxiety creates a sense of detachment. The mind, bewildered by the gloomy streams of sounds, is in doubt and tries to isolate itself from the outside world. The song recorded at an average tempo lasts a little over 3 minutes.
  19. Episode 9. The basis of this track is a repeating electronic sequence. The monotonous ripple is subtly illuminated by the soft waves of the synthetic pads. This uncanny, dark, song is ideal for meditation and creating a mystical atmosphere.
  20. Mind. An unusual, and in general a kind of relaxing lounge track sounds strange thanks to an outlandish combination of timbres and outlandish melodic phrases. Overall, the mood is moderately positive and dreamy.

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