How to add music to Instagram story

Here is Instruction How to add my music into the Instagram story. To see Photos scroll the screen down. Open the Instagram application on your device. Open the stories setting. Record video. Tap the dog-eared FACE icon. Tap “MUSIC.” Search for “Di Evantile”. Select the song you want to add. Your story is ready, it’s … Read more

Simple embed music player for web pages

Plugin Audio Player – a simple and elegant way to make embed music player on the page of the site running by WordPress or any platforms. This will give visitors the opportunity to listen to single track or playlist that contains background music. Audio Player created using the technology of Flash and has two versions: … Read more

What are the future trends of stock music?

No one knows who first came up with the idea to create a library of royalty free music. Currently, surfing the Internet anyone can find a huge amount of resources that offer stock music for various industrial purposes.

  As a result, not only the big giants of the film industry but also small studios can get for project inexpensive background music, which is quite satisfactory.

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How to make 5.1 surround sound for video

This short video instruction describes how to create 5.1 surrounds from six different WAV files using Sony Vegas. To best view set 720p HD and full-screen mode.

Step 1. You must set up your video project for 5.1 surrounds.
File-> Properties-> Audio -> 5.1 Surround -> Click OK.
Now your mixer switches to 5.1 surround mode.

Step 2. Drag and drop your WAV files (already prepared) to six different tracks. Assign every track to an appropriate channel.

Step 3. Play and adjust the mixer.

Step 4. Save and render the project.

The End.

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Harmless way to stimulate the brain

Many of us are faced with a phenomenon of inhibited thinking. This usually occurs after long hours of intensive brain work. Worst of all, if the job is not finished yet, but it must complete. The food industry has taught people to such stimulants as caffeine or taurine. These substances are part of stimulating beverages.

Many people use coffee or “Red Bull” to get myself to work. But in addition to chemical methods of exposure, there are other more harmless methods of brain stimulation. Not everyone knows that music can have a positive impact on the thinking processes. In recent years, numerous studies in this area were carried out.

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Music for mental concentration

How to choose music for mental concentration? The problem of mind concentration faces almost every person who is engaged in intellectual work. Ability to concentrate their thoughts on one subject is not so simple.

The problem often arises when working simultaneously on multiple tasks. The human brain nature cannot ignore the problem until it is completely solved. If a brain has a few issues that need solutions, they often conflict with each other. An office environment also hinders concentration.

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The Best Relaxation Music

Author: Steve Gillman

How do you choose the relaxation music that works best? You can certainly start by experimenting with many different types. After all, it seems likely that what one person finds relaxing another will find irritating. But is it all just a matter of personal preference?

Actually no. Though one’s personal tastes enter into the equation, there are reasons that some types of music are more relaxing than others. For example, both science and the experience of many people point to the usefulness of baroque music for relaxation. Studies have shown that baroque music at 60 beats per minute causes your brain to produce more alpha brainwaves. Why does that matter? More on that in a moment. For now, here are some specific examples of good relaxation music.

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